Breaking Bad Cocktail Bar London (Tickets)

If you’ve already planned your summer you might need to re-think.

July marks the beginning of the first Breaking Bad inspired bar in London.

A pop-up bar brought to you by the masterminds behind Annie the Owl and … Locappy!


ABQ Londond Cocktail bar
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ABQ London Cocktail bar

ABQ (Albuquerque, New Mexico) will run for three months where fans will have the rare opportunity of “cooking” their own cocktails – in a RV! Think gas masks, blue crystals, chemistry flasks and goggles.

Now if you have watched Breaking Bad or you are fan of the series, you can’t really miss this cocktail bar in London can you?



“We are always looking to give our community unique experiences. People of London demand and deserve something a bit more special and that is what we aim to do through our app and the events,” says Seb Lyall, founder Locappy, who doesn’t shy away from eccentric ideas.



In less than two days of opening some 14,000 Breaking Bad  lovers have already signed up.

The exclusivity of the event is no secret to anyone – so register here for your ticket before it’s too late.



Ticket for ABQ cocktail bar prices will start from £30 and are released on first come, first served basis.

So what are you waiting for, leave your email at the link below and hear when the tickets are released for the first Breaking Bad style cocktail bar in London.


London is now complete.

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  1 comment for “Breaking Bad Cocktail Bar London (Tickets)

  1. Faye Witham
    November 26, 2015 at 10:23 am

    I’m looking for 2 tickets on Friday 11th December 2015 in the afternoon? I would be really grateful if you could let me know asap whether this would be possible. Thanks!

    Faye Witham

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