Bodo’s Schloss

Bodo’s Schloss


Piers Adam and David Phelps sat around one day and decided to create an over the top alpine style eatery complete with all the apres ski props and a “Diskotheque”. Bodo’s Schloss is the result. Expect schnitzel and sauerkraut, piste in several formats, plenty of hardwood furniture and wait staff in costumes.

You may be hesitant if you know anything about Austrian/German food – though delicious and the epitome of comfort eating, things like dumplings, fondue and sausages are not exactly sexy and sophisticated. At Bodo’s Schloss, though, it’s all in good fun, and the management will ply you with enough alcohol and good cheer that the admittedly stodgy food starts not to matter.

Inside, the theme is obvious and no opportunity is missed: the hostess wears ear muffs and sometimes a cheeky bar wench get up, there are festive red gingham tablecloths and skis propped against the wall. As the evening wears on, the silliness ramps up and you’ll see people tucking into “Bobo’s Bobsleigh”, a giant monster of a cocktail made in a special bob-sled shaped “glass” the size of a table. Otherwise, boys in lederhosen do constant rounds and supply jolly tables with steins of beer or shots served on old wooden skis.

The atmosphere is not so much cosy and authentic as… completely goofy. Sing along pop ballads and other nonsense blare on the sound system and reassures you that the whole experience is not to be taken too seriously.

The menu does what it can while staying true to Austrian classics, so you’ll find things like “schnitzel sliders” and veal goulash served with spaetzle. If you’re still in possession of all your sense and haven’t been whisked off to the dance floor, tuck into an apple strudel to finish. The food is not the best thing about Bobo’s Schloss, though – go for a really good time instead.

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