Boom Burger

Boom Burger


Jamaican born Josh de Lisser remembers well the explosive flavours of his childhood in beautiful Montego Bay, where his Auntie Sharon conjured up barbecue that could make a grown man cry. Today, this young chef is blasting expectations out of the water when it comes to cooking up jerk chicken and fish for Londoners who are in the mood for celebrating.

Sure, this new restaurant in Portobello Road is basically a burger shop, but the flavours are bold and the dishes bursting with heart and only the best and juiciest British beef. Inside, Boom Burger is done up in gritty Rasta colours, hard wood and the sort of cleaned up industrial vibe you’d expect from a bar.

The menu is simple but packed with full-force Jamaican spices – the popular Boom Burger is laced with cheese and bacon jam, and if your taste buds are up for it, the Jerk Boom takes things a little further with fried plantain, rocket and heavenly dollops of mango and pawpaw sauce. The spices, marinades and sauces at Boom Burger are the real deal, and like all good jerk joints, they have their own special secret blend.

There’s also a veggie burger option and a grilled red snapper with jerk mayo and escovitch sauce. Get a bit of everything for the table and top it all off with a steaming plate of crispy plantain fries and a big bowl of slaw. Service is chilled and while it may get busy on the weekends, there’s always room for an impromptu burger stop.

Prices are very, very reasonable and you can more or less get your jerk fix for a tenner. The restaurant is open till 11pm on weekdays making it the perfect place to pop in if you should happen to have the munchies for any reason.

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