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Brooklyn Bowl
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As the name would suggest, Brooklyn Bowl is originally an American company and the whole enterprise is pretty much transported to North Greenwich as is. Way back in 2009, the first venue opened in New York in a warehouse in Williamsburg and has been offering goofy nights out of fun and bowling ever since.

It’s not just about the bowling, although there’s plenty of that if you’re after a few rounds. Check in regularly because there’s always some event or gig going on. Because Brooklyn Bowl has easy access to the O2 Arena’s backstage area, there will always be live video of whatever’s going down on the main stage. When the Arena is quiet, Brooklyn Bowl has its own booming sound system and DJs who regularly put together dance-offs, themed nights and other mischief.

On the weekends from noon until 19:00 expect the Family Bowl sessions which welcome bowlers of all ages to come in for a few games with the family. There’s a competent kiddies menu and the staff are happy to accommodate bigger crowds of up to ten people – perfect for informal birthday outings and the like.

A few hours at Brooklyn Bowl is a great weekend activity – pay £14 for 30 minutes in one of the 12 available lanes, which is enough for a full game. Also expect £1.90 for shoe hire per person. Go another round or pause for a meal: on the menu you’ll find unpretentious crowd-pleasing grub like subs, fried chicken, pork shoulder, skinny fries, an absolutely outrageous Nutella milkshake, sloppy joes and cajun catfish. The general vibe is half Brooklyn diner and half old school roadhouse.

Check online for their full events calendar and reserve tickets well ahead if there’s a special gig you want to attend – with whatever’s happening at the Arena and a game of bowling and a burger to kill time before or after, you have a guaranteed fun day out.

Check out Brooklyn Bowl here


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