Burger and Lobster – Why Choose One When You Can Have Both?

Burger and Lobster

This restaurant’s name is not kidding around – there’s no menu, really, since you’ve got a choice of two things: burger or lobster. From the same people that created Goodman steakhouses, Burger and Lobster is pared down, simple and a bit quirky.

Ethically sourced lobsters from the icy Atlantic in Nova Scotia are prepared simply and deliciously, and if you go for the burger, you’ll get corn-fed Nebraskan premium steak in a juicy patty. This restaurant is all about the awesomeness of the food – no menus, no reservations, just pitch up and make your decision (hint: they’re both pretty good).

The burgers come with their own special recipe brioche that’s baked fresh on the premises every day. The lobsters live the last of their days in some of the biggest lobster tanks in the UK. You’ll find Burger and Lobster restaurants in Soho, Mayfair, Farringdon, Knightsbridge, Oxford Circus, Bread Street and one in Cardiff. The business model is apparently doing well as the restaurant is even gearing up to spawn another branch in New York soon.

Naturally, vegetarians will have to sit this one out unless they happen to be the kind of vegetarians who also eat burgers and lobster. The drinks menu is standard if a little pricey with all the favourites plus some good craft beers and wine. Burger and Lobster can get busy on weekend nights, so you may have to wait a little for a table. Go when you’re really hungry as the portions are huge. Expect to pay around £30 for a good meal and wine.

Lastly, you’ll feel good knowing that 60p from your burger goes towards the #Movember charity campaign – in fact so far the restaurant’s raised more than £9500 for prostate and testicular cancer (take a moment and think of all of those burgers and lobsters…)

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