Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe


Almost every human alive has made this very joke as a kid at the breakfast table, but the management at Cereal Killer Cafe actually went ahead and made a restaurant that only serves breakfast cereal. It’s true that the whole idea is a shameless exercise in nostalgia, but Cereal Killer is not a one trick, one food pony. Far from it.

Walking in, you get the feeling you’ve stepped directly into the id of every overgrown millennial who longs for the simple life of slurping cereal milk from the bowl and watching cartoons in their pajamas on a Saturday morning. Vintage TVs play cartoons from the 90s and there are ample hints of old school kitsch and the kind of furniture your mom had in her “breakfast nook” twenty years ago.

Of course, this is not just the kind of thing you could whip together yourself after a drunken night – pick from over 100 cereals, 12 different kinds of milk (yes, twelve!) and several different toppings to create a cereal bowl just the way you like it. Think a bowl of frosties with chocolate milk and tiny marshmallows. You don’t even have to finish the one box before getting another bowl. The wait staff are invariably young, tattooed and wearing funky overalls emblazoned with cereal logos. They can serve you up a bowl or even a pop tart and a cup of coffee.

Time will tell whether the cheesy Americana and deliberate irony will keep people coming back after the first bowl. At £2.50 a bowl, it isn’t cheap compared to, well, simply buying the cereal yourself. But for now, the restaurant offers a fun (and far healthier) alternative to the standard hot breakfasts at most eateries in the area, and the vibe and coolness factor add a little something.

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