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Crumbs and Doilies


Originally finding its birthplace on Kickstarter, this fun Soho bakery has pulled itself up by its own sugary bootstraps. Turns out, everybody loves cupcakes – and this happens to be Crumbs and Doilies’s tagline. By wooing contributors with gifts of cakes, badges, tote bags and other cake-y knick knacks, this cute startup is spreading the love and opened their first Soho shop in December 2014.


It may seem that cupcake shops died with the recession and failed to pop up again ever after, but Crumbs and Doilies proves that there’s always room for a beautifully made little slice of heaven. Every day, C&D’s cake-mad bakers whipped together baked goods and hand delivered them from their Wandsworth bakery to sticky fingers all over London.


Now, you can order online and rest assured that each small batch is baked fresh and on site at 1 Kingly Court, then hand decorated with swirls of buttercream, sprinkles, wafers, fondant, glitter and spun sugar almost too pretty to eat. These cupcakes are not just pretty faces, though – inside, there are no nasty additives and preservatives and they contain only the best quality ingredients.


Admittedly on the more expensive end, each cupcake is a little work of art and will steal the show if you bring a box to the office. Eat at the Kingly court venue and you’ll find yourself in a powder blue pudding parlour that Marie Antoinette might have loved.

The menu is extensive, but on the off chance you think of something the staff haven’t, chat to them about a tailor made cake to fit your exact specifications, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, baby shower, or life itself. Expect Instagram-worthy ombre cakes, real red velvet with piles of frosting, cupcakes made to look like cute little hamburgers or pieces of sushi, cheesecake, cocktail inspired slices, fudge, peanut butter, pretzels, caramel… you get the picture.

Check out Crumbs & Doilies here


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