Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones


There’s no earthly reason that “gourmet burgers” should get all the love. Dirty Bones is a charming, low-key hotdog concern offering diners no-frills street food in a basement in Kensington. By day, the chefs pump out quality hotdogs made from the best quality British meat, with plenty of fancy toppings like handmade relish, rich treacle smoked bacon, cheddar, wasabi mayo, ketchup, mustard of all kinds and even a few fun things like kimchi.

The Dirty Bones in question refers to the grub on offer as the evening rolls around: fried chicken, steak on the bone and delectable ribs. To keep up the illusion of honest-to-goodness dive bar, management have made careful use of retro knick-knacks. There’s an old pinball machine, record players and ancient Nintendos for decoration.

Inside, the lighting is sulky and subdued, the music just loud enough to remind you that you’re not really in some sophisticated sit-down venue, and the wait staff are casual and chatty. But – onto the hotdogs. It’s hard to mess up such a fundamentally perfect food, but Dirty Bones goes above and beyond. Start with a choice of pork, beef or veggie patty and work from there.

Your dog will come enveloped in a perfectly fresh brioche bun with your choice of toppings. The “Mexican”, for example, comes with sour cream, jalapenos and hot salsa. Other toppings range from the steadfastly traditional to slightly goofy.

If hotdogs aren’t doing it for you, pick from other comfort foods: think mac ‘n cheese, baked chicken wings, a lonely burger option, a hamburger/hotdog hybrid and “milk and cookies” for dessert. Cocktails, if you’re that way inclined, are great and creatively named. The fries are heavenly but portions are on the small side so go ahead and order a few extra bowls for the table. It’s like an evening of junk food and video games with friends, but way better.

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