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Make no mistake: though Hache serves burgers, this is not a burger joint, rather it’s a fancy haute cuisine restaurant that also offers very, very good burgers. Hache is family run, cosy and very upmarket. The standard burger is lovingly elevated to heights you don’t usually expect from a burger – prime Scotch beef done to perfection and served with enough attention to detail to classify as “food porn’.

The menu is generous and bursting with steak and burger options, although the kitchen will concede to whip you up a burger with no bun if you’re holding back. The Rosemary Lamb burger comes laced with a pitch-perfect garlic and mint sauce and the vegetarian Goat’s Cheese Burger nearly topples over with piles of sliced avocado, chilli oil, tender portobello mushrooms, garlic mayonnaise and a very interesting red pesto sauce drizzled on top.

If you still had any reservations that the admittedly higher prices were really worth it, the side dishes will be enough to sway you. The sweet potato fries have earned their fair share of devotees and you can plump up your order with a range of toppings (gherkins, various cheeses, caramelised onions, sweet cured bacon and jalapenos to name a few).

On the steak front, the Steak Louisiana gives the gourmet burgers a run for their money with mature cheddar cheese and crunchy peanut butter on a gorgeous scotch beef steak. Other options include heavenly salads, falafel and a succulent duck burger. For desserts there’s ice cream, a selection of tarts and a silky homemade banoffee pie.

All in all, Hache burger is the best of both worlds – lovable classics like burgers and steaks are done with class and the very best ingredients, making a trip there the perfect choice for a family celebration or a laid back but sophisticated meal with those you love.


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