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Jackson & Rye


Jackson and Rye is a charming and playful take on old school US diner aesthetic from days gone by. Barber-style checkered floors, leather booths and stools ringed round an informal bar make the interior cosy and familiar, but Jackson & Rye has it’s own brand of quirk that fans keep coming back for.

TimeOut magazine draws the obvious parallels to famous painting “Nighthawks”, and Jackson & Rye certainly hits just the right note of somewhat shiny greasy spoon. The food is naturally American East Coast-centric: expect plenty of towering brunch concoctions, creamed grits (they’re good, promise) and plenty of hearty deli sandwiches and burgers that would satisfy any old-timey blue collar worker. There’s an obligatory Swiss cheese, beef and sauerkraut on rye and an absolutely beautiful buttermilk fried chicken on brioche that feels like good, honest fare.

Other goodies include clam chowder, peanut butter cookies with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce, truffle popcorn, fries done skinny and crispy, sweet slaw, savory pancakes, pulled pork and whatever specials have been scrawled onto the paper tablecloth. Service is a spirited attempt at recreating down-home style diner charm and you really begin to feel that there should be a fresh cherry pie under a bell jar on the counter. Portion sizes are great and the final bill is all well and good considering the quality of the ingredients.

Jackson and Rye is a great place for a brunch and some New York-style eats, but for true foodies craving a very authentic foray into US ingredients and sensibilities, Jackson and Rye may disappoint. The dishes, while genuine, as reworked enough to strike a chord with English assumptions of American dining rather than American dining proper. Still, if a good cup of coffee and a respectable fry up for breakfast is on your mind, Jackson and Rye delivers.

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