Welcome to Hooting!

So you may be thinking what Hooting is?

Well in the new Locappy app, which comes out mid-June 2015, we are bringing in a much demanded new feature called Hoot!

Think of it as simply telling your neighbours and friends of what is cool in your area.

You had a good cocktail, found a new restaurant, saw some amazing street art? Just hoot it!

Your hoot will go to the neighbourhood feed of that area, your facebook and twitter (if you connect them).


How do you Hoot?

We like to keep everything simple. A Hoot is just like posting something on Instagram.

You tap the hoot button and select a neighbourhood or a local place you want to hoot about, take a picture, right a post and boom! it’s there… shared with the world and with people who could really benefit from your local knowledge.

A Hoot takes a second and your friends, followers and neighbours, across all social media channels find out about all the amazing thing you discover! Pretty sweet eh?



  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Email
Example Hoot!



We hope you will enjoy the new app and will hoot your discoveries with the people you love!

We will be in touch shortly you guys to explain more and share all the exciting plans we have for Locappy and London’s neighbourhood ecosystem!

Please do visit http://locappy.com to find more about what’s cooking. But if you really want to cook something yourself, then try this… ;)

Until then, ciao!

Team Locappy


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