Original Sin

Original Sin


From the same people that brought Londoners the fabulous Happiness Forgets bar comes Original Sin in Stoke Newington. This new venture is bigger, smokier and somewhat more ambitious than Happiness Forgets, but expect the same top notch cocktails and consistently buzzing atmosphere.

The focal point of the interior is a very long, narrow wooden bar which reminds you of a railway sleeper, and the feeling is confirmed by the dark booths which very much resemble train carriages. There are also low-key but decidedly retro decorations, dusky lighting and a pool table to complete the vibe.

The big deal, of course, is the cocktails. You won’t be amiss to order a scotch on the rocks and call it a night, but Original Sin does such classy, well-balanced concoctions it would almost be a waste not to order one. Gin and vodka are forgone for other spirits such as rye and mezcal, but their absence isn’t too noticeable.

Serving a clientele that veers young and hip, aperitifs like Aperol and vintage vermouth are also on offer. Cocktails will set you about around £8. The Penfold Sour is a good summary of the atmosphere in general: Kamma & Sons, Aquavit, Byrrh, cane syrup and generous lime make a combo that is classic and refreshing all at once. The Penultimate Cocktail is a sultry meditation on dessert wine and surprisingly sexy.

Though the evening crowd may convince you that Original Sin is nothing more than another hipster cocktail parlour, the drinks menu is solid and expertly curated. You won’t find gimmicky mixes here, just straight forward blends that are so good they’re honestly a little sinful. The venue is open till 1:30 most nights giving you plenty of time to plot the evening’s next move. Depending on how you play it, you might like to pop upstairs to Burger Bear for their legendary burger with Holy F*ck sauce.

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