Ozone Coffee Roasters

Ozone Coffee Roasters


Part of the new wave of coffee culture in London, Ozone Coffee Roasters proves that one does not simply open a coffee shop. In a holy triad of fastidious quality, a meticulous social and environmental conscience and a commitment to an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, Ozone Coffee Roasters takes coffee very, very seriously.

Wander in and ask any of the friendly wait  staff for their opinions on the honestly enormous menu – they’ll carefully explain the difference between single origin coffees and how and why their specific blends were created, including more information than you’d ever need on body, acidity, balance, sweetness, quality and flavour.

With a passion rivalling wine connoisseurs, the management believes that all coffee has a story – and they want to tell you theirs. This is light years away from unethically sourced and watered down junk coffee from the likes of Starbucks – this restaurant takes the millennial obsession with coffee and follows it to its glorious conclusion.

Every coffee you sip comes from a place that has been personally visited by the management to ensure that production and industry meets not only stringent manufacturing standards, but satisfies Ozone’s need to form beneficial cooperatives with growers all over the world.

And the relationships are extended to clients, too. Constantly wanting to build robust and quality relationships in the community, Ozone values the customer experience as the final and most important link in the long coffee chain, from coffee bean to expertly prepared espresso.

Just because there’s an almost fanatical passion for the coffee, though, doesn’t mean the restaurant doesn’t also have a full and delicious menu. Pop in for a morning full English breakfast, a cup of French press single origin coffee and a chat with the friendly staff before getting on with your day.

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