Tanya’s Cafe

Tanya’s Cafe


The times, they are a-changin’, and vegans and raw foodists need not wilt behind typical menus and just order a salad. The Tanya in question wanted to bring beautiful, raw, living food to Londoners and give them a gorgeous space to eat clean and nourish their bodies as well as their souls.

Everything on the menu is almost alarmingly colourful: fresh and vibrant ingredients of all kinds are lovingly coaxed into delicious burgers, lasagnes, curries, quiches, salads and sandwiches. Each little morsel finds its way to your table with gorgeous garnishes and a consistent attention to detail that will really make you stop and think about what you’re putting into your mouth.

The decor inside indeed gives a nod to mindfulness and there’s a prominent chalkboard on display with the “thought of the day”. The overall vibe is affirming, fresh and bursting with creativity. The walls themselves seem to grow and here and there are little quotes, inspirational messages and sweet, feminine touches. Choose from a dazzling array of juices, seed breads, matcha lattes and granola for a light start to the day, or a liver cleansing “shooter” to offset any indulging you may have done elsewhere.

From 4pm, “superfood cocktails” take centre stage and throw the concept of drinking on its head with blends that refresh and fortify rather than leave you hungover and dehydrated the next day. Ingredients like green tea, acai, maca and goji berries are artfully blended for bright little shots of health.

The “Totally Tanya” cocktail is a mix of lime, mint, raw honey, peppermint bitters, gin and sparkling water, and is about as delicious as it sounds. Tanya’s is unabashedly an experiment in lifestyle eating, a bold reclamation of health and a seriously lovely place to wile away an hour or two.

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