The Kensington Quarter

The Kensington Quarter


The Kensington Quarter is what your home would be like if you had scads of money, impeccable taste and a penchant for painfully perfect retro mid-century decor. Catering directly to freelancers, cafe bums and sundry student life, The Kensington Quarter knows its market and wants to lure it in with free wi fi and what matters: excellent coffee.

Part of Doron and Valeria Zilkha’s Quarter Group, Kensington Quarter is all about taking the neighbourhood market vibe, dressing it up a little and bringing it into the heart of London’s most famous food hubs – Kensington. The concept is big on community and the ethos is all about pulling together the best local elements and sharing them in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

There are other branches – River Quarter Kitchen, Heal’s Quarter Cafe, Chelsea Quarter Cafe and Royal Quarter Cafe, all of which have their own unique spin on the central concept.

You’ll find comfy sofas, artisanal breads and homemade preserves, walls lovingly decked with art from the community and a menu based around local, ethically sourced and organic ingredients.

The menu is balanced with a little something for everyone, including trendy bits and pieces like a quinoa salad, white truffle mashed potatoes and craft beers. There are also hefty burgers, smoothies, steak, fish and chips, an array of salads and delicious starters, charcuterie, cheese platters and a full dessert menu with the option to share and order a bit of everything.

Things can get busy as the afternoon wears on, so be sure to book ahead and you’ll receive a free glass of Prosecco. Ask for a loyalty card and you can earn points and access to their frequent specials, deals and events. Kensington Quarter is going to be buzzing on New Year’s, so if you haven’t made plans, stop by for a charming evening.

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