The King of Ladies Man

The King of Ladies Man 
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The best bars are those that are hidden away, and The King of Ladies Man is about as tucked away as a bar can be. There’s a laundromat inside the popular Breakfast club, and in the laundromat is a secret wall leading to The King. Perhaps all the secrecy is to keep out the fairer sex, because as you enter inside, you’re immediately hit with all the trappings of a 70s style bachelor pad, complete with everything a good man cave needs: seriously good grilled cheese sandwiches, raunchy artwork and plenty of vintage kitsch. 

Expect lots of dim light, very-nearly cheesy retro brass tables and other old school furniture plus old Playboy issues displayed in glass cases. There’s a casual stained glass window penis that you might miss if you’re too hungover from the night before. Other manly touches abound and the overall effect is one Austin Powers might approve of. 

Drinks wise, you’ll get whiskeys, no-fuss cocktails, craft beers and spirits. Cocktails are served up by brassy bartenders in loud Hawaiian shirts and tend to be of the “Disco Drinks” persuasion. Think pina coladas, mai tais and tequila sunrises. The food? All the good stuff. Mac and cheese, corn on the cobb, burgers, chipotle prawns and deep fried haddock fritters are the most popular choices, and serving sizes are good and generous.

The music is pitch perfect, the staff laid back and unintrusive and though small, this little venue is packed with attitude. Book ahead for a low-key bachelor’s party or call ahead if you’re in a group – the place gets crammed pretty quickly.

The King of Ladies Man is pretty good value and a refreshing change of pace from the rest of what Battersea has to offer. Comb out your moustache and bring a few lads for a relaxed early evening drink before heading out on the prowl.

Check out The King of Ladies Man here


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