The Life Goddess

The Life Goddess


A welcome counterfoil to some of London’s more sterile and overly-modern eateries, The Life Goddess is very seriously a breath of fresh air. The atmosphere inside is buzzing with life and you’ll enjoy the celebratory attitude and almost religious zest for the fine arts of eating drinking and being merry.

The restaurant concept is sustained by a strong undercurrant of Greek joie de vivre, and the menu boasts ingredients and dishes that will not only nourish your body, but your soul. Partake of the goddess by loading up on Mediterranean staples and some fun extras. The Deli Divine crams a lot of heart into the smallish store with plenty of tasting plates and a friendly wait staff happy to wax lyrical about some new morsel on the counter.

Open seven days a week till late, The Life Goddess never sleeps and functions as both coffee shop, restaurant and delicatessen. Here you’ll find tempting parcels of over 300 different arisanal products – pick up a few and a bottle of red and plan an al fresco pinic with your sweetie to dally in a romance to rival those of the gods.

The main store has been so successful that The Life Goddess has spawned an “experimental divine” love child in Kingly Court. This venue offers the same dleicious bric-a-brac as the mothership, only with a focus on Greek wines and signature cocktails.

Go on a Sunday afternoon to wade through their mezze selctions. There’s a whole universe of cakes, pastries, pies, soups, quirky salads, cheese, olives, preserves, philo pastry concoctions and a few other things you won’t readily be able to identify. You won’t find private dining here, though; the restaurant serves up food the likes of which you’d get in a traditional Greek household, but the flip side is that the interior can get a little crowded and chaotic!

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