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Jackson + Rye

Jackson & Rye   Jackson and Rye is a charming and playful take on old school US diner aesthetic from days gone by. Barber-style checkered floors, leather booths and stools ringed round an informal bar make the interior cosy and familiar, but Jackson & Rye has it’s own brand of quirk that fans keep coming back for. TimeOut magazine draws… Read more →


Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe   Almost every human alive has made this very joke as a kid at the breakfast table, but the management at Cereal Killer Cafe actually went ahead and made a restaurant that only serves breakfast cereal. It’s true that the whole idea is a shameless exercise in nostalgia, but Cereal Killer is not a one trick, one… Read more →


The Good Life Eatery

The Good Life Eatery   Good, clean, wholesome eating doesn’t have to feel like deprivation. Good Life Eatery proves that healthy eating can be awesome. If you’re craving a gorgeous, gluten free baked good or a soup that will make you feel content with life in general, Good Life Eatery is your place. Whether you’re a die-hard vegan looking for… Read more →


Crumbs and Doilies – Cupcake Heaven

Crumbs and Doilies   Originally finding its birthplace on Kickstarter, this fun Soho bakery has pulled itself up by its own sugary bootstraps. Turns out, everybody loves cupcakes – and this happens to be Crumbs and Doilies’s tagline. By wooing contributors with gifts of cakes, badges, tote bags and other cake-y knick knacks, this cute startup is spreading the love… Read more →


Chatime – Get Bubbly

Chatime   Some people don’t “get” bubble tea. For the rest of us, there’s Chatime, the ultimate bubble tea shop. Since 2003, authentically Taiwanese Chatime has set up over 1000 stores internationally, and opened its first bubble tea shop in the UK in 2012. Inspired by modernised Taiwanese bubble tea culture and all its fresh, healthful flavours, Chatime opened its… Read more →


The Table Cafe

The Table Cafe   The Table Cafe is a venue that’s just begging for a good celebration, and would be a sure bet for your next function. Management offers a wine Master Class (a great and unusual idea for a birthday gift for the wine snob in your life), a more corporate affair in the main restaurant or a full-blown… Read more →


The Life Goddess

The Life Goddess   A welcome counterfoil to some of London’s more sterile and overly-modern eateries, The Life Goddess is very seriously a breath of fresh air. The atmosphere inside is buzzing with life and you’ll enjoy the celebratory attitude and almost religious zest for the fine arts of eating drinking and being merry. The restaurant concept is sustained by… Read more →


The Kensington Quarter

The Kensington Quarter   The Kensington Quarter is what your home would be like if you had scads of money, impeccable taste and a penchant for painfully perfect retro mid-century decor. Catering directly to freelancers, cafe bums and sundry student life, The Kensington Quarter knows its market and wants to lure it in with free wi fi and what matters:… Read more →


Ozone Coffee Roasters

Ozone Coffee Roasters   Part of the new wave of coffee culture in London, Ozone Coffee Roasters proves that one does not simply open a coffee shop. In a holy triad of fastidious quality, a meticulous social and environmental conscience and a commitment to an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, Ozone Coffee Roasters takes coffee very, very seriously. Wander in and ask… Read more →

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