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Just Right – Flat White

Flat White   A flat white, when made correctly, is a kind of cappucino made with good espresso blended with textured milk. Creamy, velvety and nicely briding the gap between a more serious caffeine drink and something like a pudding, a flat white is a great way to start a lazy Sunday morning – and this cafe is a good… Read more →


Fiery Coffee – Foxcroft and Ginger

Foxcroft and Ginger   Quintin Foxcroft and his fiery haired wife Georgina compose the dynamic duo behind this family run restaurant, and are behind its cute name. Tucked away on Soho’s Berwick Street, Foxcroft and Ginger is the place to find that perfect, relaxed dining experience. Before marrying, both foodies and restaurant connoisseurs, Quintin and Georgina lamented the lack of… Read more →


Bathroom Cafe – The Attendant

The Attendant   The ornate black curlicues and black tiles that welcoe you inside Attendant prove that with the right attitude, anything at all can be restored. Reincarnated from a Victorian era public toilet built around 1890, this tiny venue fell into disuse for over 50 years before management saw an opportunity to transform the interior into a beautiful espresso… Read more →


Row, Row, Row your Boat – Fleet River Bakery

Fleet River Bakery   Take a quick peek into the kitchens of some of London’s most popular bakeries and you may be surprised to find that much of the fare that’s “baked on the premises” actually comes from ready prepared and pre-frozen items from wholesalers. Fleet River Bakery, however, is the real deal. Cakes, biscuits, pastries, bread and muffins prepared… Read more →

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Healthy Food Places to Eat in London

Here at Locappy, we love to eat healthy and luckily for us London has seen an increase in healthy restaurants. This, contrary to popular belief, proves that healthy eating can be delicious! London now has restaurants revolving around super-foods without the nasty additives, that is scientifically proven to put you in a good mood. Along with hashtags, healthy eating has… Read more →

Cotton Cafe Locappy Review

Cotton Cafe Hot Lunch Over Cold Any Day- Review

If you’re a little fatigued with the overly pretentious culinary offerings of the rest of London, try Cotton cafe. This wee little spot is a refreshing alternative to the pricey in-your-face feel of other bistros in the neighbourhood. If you’re looking for straightforward, plain and simple English grub that’ll fill you up for a very good price, Cotton cafe offers… Read more →

Moo Boo Locappy Review

Moo Boo Keeping It Bubbly In All Flavours- Review

Bubble tea is something of an acquired taste. But, once you acquire it, be prepared to basically become addicted. The “bubbles” are tender tapioca beads in a delicious drink of either a milky or fruity variety, making bubble tea half pudding, half drink and 100% delicious. These fun treats, originally from Taiwan, just go to show you that food doesn’t… Read more →

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