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Pop-Up Pignic

London’s Pop-up ‘Pignic’   Coming to London in May is a little event called ‘The London Pignic’, which involves a picnic with cute micro-pigs. Yes, you read that correctly. Tiny, adorable micro-piggies. Following the trend of upcoming pop-ups and animal cafes in London (Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, Annie the Owl, Porridge Cafe), Yelp and Petpeggies have jumped on the band-wagon… Read more →


Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl   As the name would suggest, Brooklyn Bowl is originally an American company and the whole enterprise is pretty much transported to North Greenwich as is. Way back in 2009, the first venue opened in New York in a warehouse in Williamsburg and has been offering goofy nights out of fun and bowling ever since. It’s not just… Read more →


Where to Celebrate Australia Day in London

Australia Day   G’day everyone! Don’t drink with the flies this January 26th, instead drink with your Aussies as you celebrate this glorious day. Below is a koalafied list of places to celebrate Australia Day 25/26th in London. Ace!   WEST/CENTRAL   JETLAG First on the list of places to celebrate Australia Day in London is Jetlag! Celebrate with a full… Read more →

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