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Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones   There’s no earthly reason that “gourmet burgers” should get all the love. Dirty Bones is a charming, low-key hotdog concern offering diners no-frills street food in a basement in Kensington. By day, the chefs pump out quality hotdogs made from the best quality British meat, with plenty of fancy toppings like handmade relish, rich treacle smoked bacon,… Read more →


The Kensington Quarter

The Kensington Quarter   The Kensington Quarter is what your home would be like if you had scads of money, impeccable taste and a penchant for painfully perfect retro mid-century decor. Catering directly to freelancers, cafe bums and sundry student life, The Kensington Quarter knows its market and wants to lure it in with free wi fi and what matters:… Read more →

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