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Pop-Up Pignic

London’s Pop-up ‘Pignic’   Coming to London in May is a little event called ‘The London Pignic’, which involves a picnic with cute micro-pigs. Yes, you read that correctly. Tiny, adorable micro-piggies. Following the trend of upcoming pop-ups and animal cafes in London (Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, Annie the Owl, Porridge Cafe), Yelp and Petpeggies have jumped on the band-wagon… Read more →


Porridge Cafe Pop Up

Porridge Cafe   London’s first and very own porridge cafe is coming to town soon and we are so excited about it! Cause after all, who doesn’t love a bowl of delicious porridge? Nik & Elly, the same people who started Bow Street Kitchen, are responsible for this amazing idea after noticing a trend for high quality and interesting porridge in Scandinavia.… Read more →

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