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Bodo’s Schloss

Bodo’s Schloss   Piers Adam and David Phelps sat around one day and decided to create an over the top alpine style eatery complete with all the apres ski props and a “Diskotheque”. Bodo’s Schloss is the result. Expect schnitzel and sauerkraut, piste in several formats, plenty of hardwood furniture and wait staff in costumes. You may be hesitant if… Read more →


Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl   As the name would suggest, Brooklyn Bowl is originally an American company and the whole enterprise is pretty much transported to North Greenwich as is. Way back in 2009, the first venue opened in New York in a warehouse in Williamsburg and has been offering goofy nights out of fun and bowling ever since. It’s not just… Read more →


The Kensington Quarter

The Kensington Quarter   The Kensington Quarter is what your home would be like if you had scads of money, impeccable taste and a penchant for painfully perfect retro mid-century decor. Catering directly to freelancers, cafe bums and sundry student life, The Kensington Quarter knows its market and wants to lure it in with free wi fi and what matters:… Read more →


Ready, Get Set, Spring – Spring

Spring   It’s fair to say that Spring might be the most beautiful restaurant in London. Even before your meal arrives, your eyes are offered a feast in decor. Management have put together an interior so deliberately fresh and pretty, you may find yourself lingering long after the dessert sorbet has come and gone. The principle decorative element is natural… Read more →

Salmontini Le Resto2

Salmon Lovers Haven – Salmontini Le Resto

Salmontini Le Resto   Salmontini le Resto is a totally natural blend of sushi, sashimi and maki anchored against a respectable grill menu. Conveniently, reservations can be made online so plan ahead. The comfy sofa chairs and tables can accommodate large, boisterous groups and you’ll be encouraged to share and get bits and pieces for the table. Start with a vegetable… Read more →


Serving Coffee by Day, Music by Night – Long White Cloud

Long White Cloud   This pretty New Zealand cafe/gallery space is a little hidden away on Hackney Road but don’t be deterred – step inside for lovely ethically and locally sourced organic food and substantial breakfasts and brunches. You’ll see the place is actually a lot larger than it seems from the outside. By night, the venue opens its doors… Read more →


Gordon Ramsay’s at it Again – Heddon Street Kitchen

Heddon Street Kitchen   Belligerent celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Heddon Street Kitchen is a good night out for those who enjoy the chef’s reality TV as well as those just after some good modern European cuisine. Head chef Maria Tampakis holds her own in this popular venue, serving up the same kind of polished fare that earned her recognition both… Read more →


Oh Deer – Wild Game Co.

Wild Game Co.   Wild Game Co. shows that there’s nothing at all wrong with being the “meat and potatoes” type. This subtle but classy spot on Charlotte Street is a great alternative to the rash of steakhouses you’ll find all over London. Wild Game Co. aims for rustic, old-world charm and quality venison done simply and beautifully. And they… Read more →

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