Places to visit in Shoreditch


Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe   Almost every human alive has made this very joke as a kid at the breakfast table, but the management at Cereal Killer Cafe actually went ahead and made a restaurant that only serves breakfast cereal. It’s true that the whole idea is a shameless exercise in nostalgia, but Cereal Killer is not a one trick, one… Read more →


Ozone Coffee Roasters

Ozone Coffee Roasters   Part of the new wave of coffee culture in London, Ozone Coffee Roasters proves that one does not simply open a coffee shop. In a holy triad of fastidious quality, a meticulous social and environmental conscience and a commitment to an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, Ozone Coffee Roasters takes coffee very, very seriously. Wander in and ask… Read more →


Porridge Cafe Pop Up

Porridge Cafe   London’s first and very own porridge cafe is coming to town soon and we are so excited about it! Cause after all, who doesn’t love a bowl of delicious porridge? Nik & Elly, the same people who started Bow Street Kitchen, are responsible for this amazing idea after noticing a trend for high quality and interesting porridge in Scandinavia.… Read more →

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