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Barnyard   Amidst new fine dining establishments popping up all over London, Barnyard goes the other direction and offers visitors a super informal eating concept that’s just a few steps away from having a picnic in a barn. With occasionally hokey Americana, tables made of planks, corrugated iron walls and mismatched stools, Barnyard offers even the sincerest of flannel wearing… Read more →



Yauatcha   Upscale dim sum at its best, Yauatcha is a meditation on balance, harmony and restraint. This Soho restaurant is pure elegance, with food as artfully composed as fine calligraphy. From the moment you step inside, you get the feeling that you are participating in something special, and that each mouthful has been carefully created. Naturally, a meal at… Read more →


La Bodega Negra

La Bodega Negra   OK, forget everything you know about Mexican restaurants. Soho’s La Bodega Negra is dark, a little dingy and very naughty. The sign outside says “sex shop”, which is your first clue that your dining companions had better not be your family members. The latest in themed London eateries, La Bodega is concept heavy but offers solid… Read more →


Boom Burger

Boom Burger   Jamaican born Josh de Lisser remembers well the explosive flavours of his childhood in beautiful Montego Bay, where his Auntie Sharon conjured up barbecue that could make a grown man cry. Today, this young chef is blasting expectations out of the water when it comes to cooking up jerk chicken and fish for Londoners who are in… Read more →


Jackson + Rye

Jackson & Rye   Jackson and Rye is a charming and playful take on old school US diner aesthetic from days gone by. Barber-style checkered floors, leather booths and stools ringed round an informal bar make the interior cosy and familiar, but Jackson & Rye has it’s own brand of quirk that fans keep coming back for. TimeOut magazine draws… Read more →


Tanya’s Cafe

Tanya’s Cafe   The times, they are a-changin’, and vegans and raw foodists need not wilt behind typical menus and just order a salad. The Tanya in question wanted to bring beautiful, raw, living food to Londoners and give them a gorgeous space to eat clean and nourish their bodies as well as their souls. Everything on the menu is… Read more →


Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl   As the name would suggest, Brooklyn Bowl is originally an American company and the whole enterprise is pretty much transported to North Greenwich as is. Way back in 2009, the first venue opened in New York in a warehouse in Williamsburg and has been offering goofy nights out of fun and bowling ever since. It’s not just… Read more →


Best Burgers in London

Here at Locappy, we really really really love our burgers. And who doesn’t? Burger joints have been booming in London over the past couple of years with so many options to choose from. We’ve searched through many places to bring you a list of the best burgers in London. And if we do ever come across any new ones, we’ll… Read more →


Peruvian takeover – Pachamama

Pachamama   Marylebone offers basically every kind of cuisine you could wish for, but as far as authentic Peruvian fare goes, Pachamama is pretty unique. Offering a sublime atmosphere, good music and friendly wait staff, Pachamama is good value and promises something different for even well-seasoned foodies. In keeping with a more communal Peruvian dinner culture, Pachamama has designed its… Read more →

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