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Boom Burger

Boom Burger   Jamaican born Josh de Lisser remembers well the explosive flavours of his childhood in beautiful Montego Bay, where his Auntie Sharon conjured up barbecue that could make a grown man cry. Today, this young chef is blasting expectations out of the water when it comes to cooking up jerk chicken and fish for Londoners who are in… Read more →


Best Burgers in London

Here at Locappy, we really really really love our burgers. And who doesn’t? Burger joints have been booming in London over the past couple of years with so many options to choose from. We’ve searched through many places to bring you a list of the best burgers in London. And if we do ever come across any new ones, we’ll… Read more →

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Healthy Food Places to Eat in London

Here at Locappy, we love to eat healthy and luckily for us London has seen an increase in healthy restaurants. This, contrary to popular belief, proves that healthy eating can be delicious! London now has restaurants revolving around super-foods without the nasty additives, that is scientifically proven to put you in a good mood. Along with hashtags, healthy eating has… Read more →

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