Get that American Vibe in London!

The 4th of July was really awesome, wasn’t it? But the cool American vibe doesn’t have to end there!


Oh say, can you see all the lovely places in London that totally evoke the US? We have narrowed down our list of American themed bars and restaurants in London to those which remind us of our various visits to the States; whether it’s the super polished Manhattan-style bar, proper American dinner, or down to earth BBQ place.


Let’s have a look…


Upper East Side


Obviously, let’s start with New York’s posh and stylish Manhattan. Where to get that vibe in London? Well, one of our favourite places would definitely be Balthazar in Covent Garden. Sure, it’s branding itself as French brasserie, but the foreign kind, you know what I mean? It’s basically an imitation (in a good way) of the kind of NYC French brasserie with dark wooden tables, red-leather banquettes, yellow lighting and the sophisticated vibe. And it has been very popular among the American community in London. Yes, it’s a little bit pricier, but what did you expect? You’re on the Upper East Side, baby!



Alternatively, if you’re not afraid of heights, visit Sky Garden in The City. There’s a couple of different things to do and places to go there; public garden, highly sophisticated dining venue, cocktail bar and brasserie. And all that with a breathtaking view of London and Thames; you’ll feel like on top of the world, guaranteed! And by the way, did you know that The City has been labeled as London’s Manhattan? Well, see for yourself!


 1940s Jazz


“Watch out, man, don’t trip over Louis’s trumpet case!” At least that’s how you might just feel when stepping into these cool Jazz bars in London; naturally, Ronnie Scott’s in Soho is our number one. Well-established and popular, hosting various musicians almost daily, it’s really a treat. For those of you who haven’t been; don’t feel intimidated. It’s straight up jazz, yes, but the ambience is very welcoming, you can drink and eat during the performance, and you get “breaks” from the music to chat with your company or to run away to the bathroom if you don’t feel like scuttling away during the show, hoping you’re invisible.



For more of a down to earth and spontaneous jazz experience, try newly opened Kansas Smitty’s in London Fields, Hackney. With shows every 8pm on Wednesdays, Smitty’s is about sourcing unique local talent for a small handful of revellers with drinks to match. Tucked away quietly underneath the skirts of off Broadway cocktail bar, Kansas Smitty’s has a secretive vibe to it and will soon be a favourite inside tip for only your closest friends.


Down to Earth Diner!


No surprise here. Go to Frankie’s Sports Bar and Diner! It’s the perfect Italian cuisine that has been long embedded in the American culture (well, the chefs are sure Italian!) Just off Fulham Road, take your family or your group of friends, order a burger with fries, drink some beer, and watch the game



If you’re not really into sports but appreciate the 1950s American diner atmosphere, then pay a visit to Mishkins in Covent Garden. Serving typical American dishes like Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Sliders and Hot Dogs, combined with Jewish pastrami, latkes, and a little bit of Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s featuring classic red-leather banquettes, black and white tiled flooring, and a naked-brick wall. “A kind of Jewish deli with cocktails”. Duh!


BBQ and Beer


In the South, meat, grill and beer are a perfect match practiced by many. And in London, there are places like that as well!

Our absolute favourite BBQ place with an American vibe is Smokehouse in Angel. It’s been rated as one of London’s best steak places, perfect for weekend hanging out with friends and family, totally chill and excellent. “Have a seat in either the relaxing outside-sitting area or the rustic beach house-like dinning room, order a lovely pint of beer and let the magic happen. Smokehouse is an amazing gastro-pub that will take care of your meat-cravings and will satisfy your longing for a getaway-from-urban-life.”



Hotbox is for those who indeed love good BBQ, meat and beer in the company of friends, but would prefer a place with more buzz, something a bit more central and vibrant! After successfully launching in Dalston Yard Street Feast, Hotbox has established a permanent local in the heart of industrial and busy Spitafields. Plus! This one serves absolutely amazing burgers and sliders as well, so everybody gets what they want!


Saloon Bar A.K.A. welcome to the Wild West



Oh yea, you should have seen this coming! Yes, you, the wild animal of the party group! Take your friends for some traditional West End cowboy fun in Steam & Rye in Bank. Is it a cabaret? A rodeo bar? A whiskey bar? Yes, yes and yes! Combining Gatsby-like cabaret décor with an actually rodeo bull riding, Steam & Rye will take you back to the cowboys picking up a sudden fight at the bar and the frightened ladies hiding behind the piano. Are you up for this?

I dare you.. I double dare you ***!


That’s all for today kids! Hope you enjoyed our post!


Who are we? 


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